The system

Movit System G1 is a wearable wireless system for Motion Capture and Motion Analysis. The system is composed by wireless wearable small inertial devices and an usb wireless receiver. You can use the system indoor and outdoor. No light or environmental limits. The inertial devices are called Movit G1 and the receiver is the Dongle G1.


Each device is designed to be universal and you can use Movit G1 devices on your principal body parts. Through wearable supports and a quick coupling/release system you can easily wear devices.


The systems gives you the following outcomes: raw data, animation file and a video file. Each output can be selected or deselected. Raw data: are accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, quaternion and barometer values. The recorded animation is a standard BVH file. The video is a standard video file. All information are synced.


The system is designed to be really easy to use, with a short setup and a fast calibration. In this video you can see the easy way to use the system. Wear the elastic bands on your body parts you are interested to measure. Apply the plastic support, called dock, with the velcro. Mount the device Movit G1 into the dock by the quick coupling system. You are ready to start... Do you need animation file also? OK. Rest few seconds in the standard T position and start the software calibration.